A Song Sharp Enough to Kill a Man | “Vigilante Shit” by Taylor Swift


Arden Vanover, Writer/Volunteer

With a release date just a little over a week prior to Halloween, it was only right for Taylor Swift’s Midnights to have at least one eerie track. Swift released the album on Oct. 21, with it initially having 13 songs, then she released Midnights (3am Edition) with seven additional songs. Though it isn’t the always-anticipated track five — this album’s being “You’re On Your Own, Kid” — “Vigilante Shit” is one track that is sure to stick with listeners because of its stark difference from every other track on the album. 

It pays homage to Swift’s 2017 album, Reputation, known for its striking basslines, which this new track inherits. The minimalist beat adds to the eerie tone of the song and creates a stage for her lyrics and harmonies to be in the spotlight without being overpowered by the backing track.

The overall theme and aesthetic of “Vigilante Shit” is reminiscent of tracks recently released by artists like Madison Beer and Dove Cameron. Though these songs seem like they take more of a romantic relationship’s perspective on empowerment, the main message of these songs is that one should do things purely for self-gratification because other people’s opinions simply cease to matter. 

“Vigilante Shit” is the femme fatale anthem that could play in the background of a slasher film in which the main character takes her revenge on someone who cut her very deeply. The main character of this track makes it very clear that she does not act for anyone but herself. 

“And I don’t dress for villains /

Or for innocents /

I’m on my vigilante shit again.” 

And for some people, there is nothing more scary than a woman coming into her own, which makes this a perfect contender for any “Getting ready to go out on Halloween” playlist.