Have a Hippie Halloween | “Strange Magic” by Electric Light Orchestra


Gabby Nelson, Writer/Volunteer

It’s Oct. 31, 1975. You wake up to light shining through your drapes, casting an orange glow across the room. You slide into a pair of bell bottom jeans, turn on the kettle for your daily witchy brew and take out your favorite pop rock vinyl, Face the Music by Electric Light Orchestra. 

A chorus of strings floats out of the speakers. Lynne’s electric guitar starts to twang. Before you know it, the psychedelic groovin’ has got you movin’. “Strange Magic” takes hold of your body, and you can’t help but sway along. 

You’re sailing softly through the sun /

In a broken stone-age-dawn / 

You fly so high / 

I get a strange magic.” 

E.L.O.’s 1975 album, Face the Music, marked a turning point in the band’s career. Shifting away from the large-scale orchestral productions of their previous albums, the band leaned into the disco feel. The addition of synthesizers and the modification of their acoustic guitar with a phase shifter gave this album its unique, groovy vibe. 

“Strange Magic,” the second most popular song on the album, is the perfect mix between the band’s classic sound and the ‘70s disco sound. The title describes the “strange magic” of being seduced, which is exactly how the song makes you feel. It’s a slow seduction, or rather, a haunting. 

So, after you shuffle your tarot cards for a light reading, go for a walk with your familiar or hop on your broom to go buy some new candles at your local occult store, add this groovy hit to your Halloween playlist.