Thee Hourz O’ Power 10.6.2022


Nick Sanchez, Host of Thee Hourz O' Power

Iron Maiden – Heaven Can Wait – Fear in Non Fiction

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Symptom of Terminal Illness

Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Ruin The Smile

Converge, Chelsea Wolfe – Tongues Playing Dead

Deafheaven – Dream House

Portrayal of Guilt – …where the suffering never ends

CANDY – Distorted Dreams

Pig Destroyer – Circle River

Carcass – Heartwork

Entombed – Drowned

Gatecreeper – Everlasting

Orthodox – Voice in the Choir

Vomit Forth – Pious Killing Floor

Malevolence – Still Waters Run Deep

Norma Jean – A Killing Word

The Devil Wears Prada – Noise

Silent Planet – Orphan – Quitting Infinity

Harms Way – Scrambled

Slipknot – Eyeless

Trapped Under Ice – Gemini

Turnstile – Generator

Summoner’s Circle – Legion

Misery Index – Necessary Suffering

Full of Hell – Thundering Hammers

The Black Dahlia Murder – Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake

Fit For An Autopsy – Conditional Healing

Knocked Loose – God Knows

Portrayal of Guilt – Among Friends

Year of the Knife – Get It Out

God’s Hate – God’s Hate

CANDY – Lust For Destruction

Gulch – Self-Inflicted Mental Terror

SPY – Exceptional American

Left Behind – Shadow of Fear

Orthodox – Digging Through Glass

Lamb of God – Descending

Every Time I Die – Petal

Entombed – Left Hand Path

Creeping Death – Bloodlust Contamination

Vomit Forth – Severely Wounded

Cannibal Corpse – Firestorm Vengeance

Silent Planet – Alive, as a Housefire

Slipknot – No Life

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Manufacturing Discontent – Errorzone

Cattle Decapitation – Circo Inhumanitas

Every Time I Die – Map Change

Show Me the Body – Madonna Rocket

Boundaries – Crxss My Heart

Harms Way – Slither

Turnstile – MYSTERY