A Cathartic Rap Anthem | “Gotsta Get Paid” by Rico Nasty


Marion Reilly, Writer/Volunteer

25-year-old rapper Rico Nasty is known for her imaginative lyrics, explosive personality and diverse discography; her passionate, often angry rap music has an undeniable punk feel. In the past, Rico has dabbled in many different genres, including pop, rap, hip-hop and even hyperpop.

Her latest album, Las Ruinas, follows her first album, Nightmare Vacation (2020), and her mixtapes Anger Management (2019) and Nasty (2018) — and it does not disappoint. Her new single, “Gotsta Get Paid,” which was recently re-released with the addition of a music video, is the culmination of her creativity. With a distinctive beat and vicious yet catchy lyrics, Rico Nasty releases yet another track that thrums with life and inspires listeners to match her energy time and time again.

As Rico Nasty’s self-proclaimed No. 1 fan, I am in love with this new album. Rico’s infectious energy is the perfect thing to get you pumped up for just about anything. I have to admit that I was a little afraid of her sound changing too much — she is known for never staying in one lane for too long. However, I was pleasantly surprised, and I’ve had the album on repeat since its release in late July. It’s always a hard decision to pick a favorite track, but if I had to choose, mine would definitely be “Gotsta Get Paid.” It’s the kind of cathartic song I love to blast in the car when I need to hype myself up.

With influences new and old all over the place, Rico’s unique perspective is a fresh take on rap music. This particular track was co-produced by 100 gecs, a group composed of hyperpop sensations Dylan Brady and Laura Les. Their electrifying, alternative style is the perfect match for Rico’s intense vibe. With the help of some spooky instrumentals and sound effects, Rico expresses her rage towards her haters and brags about her achievements — only she could sound angry and unbothered all at once. She boasts her success while ranting about her responsibilities:

“Raising a bar, keep going hard /

‘Cause I gotta pay for my baby tuition /

Always believing in my intuition /

If you want issues, we grant you your wishes.”

Rico Nasty is enraged and wants everyone to know that she’s thriving in spite of all her challenges. With the release of Las Ruinas, she has outdone herself once again. Self-assured and making money, Rico is revolutionizing the music industry, and her newest album is proof of that. “Gotsta Get Paid” is an anthem for hardworking bad bitches everywhere.