Thee Hourz O’ Power 9.15.2022


Nick Sanchez, Host of Thee Hourz O' Power

Misery Index – Administer the Dagger

The Black Dahlia Murder – Deathmask Divine

Gojira – The Axe

Malevolence – On Broken Glass

Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls

Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers

Orthodox – Feel It Linger

Knocked Loose – Contorted in the Faille

Soul Glo – Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))

Slipknot – Surfacing

Entombed – Drowned

Portrayal of Guilt – Daymare – Errorzone

Fit For An Autopsy – Savages

Converge – Fault and Fracture

Left Behind – Eternity of Empty

Every Time I Die – The Coin Has A Say

Year of the Knife – This Time

Silent Planet – Darkstrand (Hibakusha) Redux

Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis

Counterparts – Wings of Nightmares

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Manufacturing Discontent

God’s Hate – War Man

Gulch – Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath

Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight

Norma Jean – A Killing Word

Black Sabbath – War Pigs/Luke’s Wall

SPY – Exceptional American

Vomit Forth – Unrecognizable

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Ruin The Smile – Versus Wyoming

Cannibal Corpse – Icepick Lobotomy

CANDY – Panic Is On

Portrayal of Guilt – Dirge

Metallica – Creeping Death

Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life

Power Trip – Firing Squad

Slipknot – (sic)

Whitechapel – When a Demon Defiles a Witch

Lamb of God – Descending

The Black Dahlia Murder – I Will Return

Malevolence – Life Sentence

Knocked Loose – Permanent

Orthodox – Voice in the Choir

Misery Index – Now Defied!

Fit For An Autopsy – A Higher Level of Hate

Every Time I Die – Map Change

Terrorizer – Crisis

Turnstile – WILD WRLD

Turnstile – MYSTERY