The State – 04/27/22

Rachel Fulton

Person shot by ELPD officers in Lake Lansing Meijer parking lot

On April 25, the Clinton and Ingham County Public Safety scanner confirmed a shooting occurred in the parking lot of Meijer, located on Lake Lansing Road.

The East Lansing Police Department was at the scene.

Later that Monday, ELPD Chief Kim Johnson issued a statement, confirming the incident to be an officer-involved shooting at 1350 West Lake Lansing Road. The individual was struck by the fired shots.

He was transported to a local hospital, where he is now in stable condition. There were no other injuries.

The individual’s weapon was recovered at the scene and the scene is secure at this time.

Further descriptions of the individual and officers involved have not been released.

In addition, per ELPD’s policy, the two officers are being placed on paid administrative leave. The investigation is being taken over by the Michigan State Police.

Assisting agencies at the scene included the Michigan State University Police Department, Lansing Police Department, Lansing Township Police Department, Meridian Township Police Department and Michigan State Police troopers.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Lansing-area record stores, crate diggers celebrate Record Store Day

Dozens of people lined up outside of local Lansing record stores The Record Lounge and Flat, Black and Circular Saturday, April 23, to rifle through crates of vinyl, hoping to find the perfect album.

Created in 2007, Record Store Day honors the culture and community of independently owned record stores, and at the time — honored the tradition of record music.

Heather Frarey, owner of The Record Lounge in Reo Town Marketplace — the only woman-owned record store in Michigan — said for her, the store is a community.

“When people do come in here, somebody might be looking at something right next to you, and you can start a conversation with that person,” she said. “So, it’s a lot about conversation.” Flat, Black and Circular is a record store on Grand River Avenue, and a favorite among student music lovers. Jon Howard, the manager, has been shopping there since the 80s.

While records and vinyls might feel like an artifact from another time, Howard believes that there’s something special about them that is still relevant today.

“(It’s a) cheap way to get some music and explore new things and get things, like people coming for MSU might be the first time out of their old town … or interacting with people who are the norm for them, and same thing with going to a record store, you’re gonna get things that are different,” he said. “We hope to enrich people here, for sure … and teach people about the world.”

Steve Aikin memorial chapel

Steve Aikin, former MSU alumnus and Michigan State University Alumni Memorial Chapel sexton, attended the first class that underwent all three grades of their new high school in his hometown of Waverly.

After college, Aikin attended a three-year master’s degree program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on a path to pursuing ministry. However, after completing one year of the program Aikin decided that he didn’t want to continue ministry and dropped out.

He began to take courses at MSU and Lansing Community College with the idea of attending medical school but shortly dropped out as well.

After that, Aikin got married and adopted his wife’s two children.

Six months later, Aikin was moved to MSU Food Stores at McDonel Hall.
At work, Aikin noticed a poster advertising a truck driver at the MSU Bakers and decided to take that position for the following 25 years.

Aikin looks back on his truck driving job and recalls a saying from Thomas Dutch, Housing and Food Service personnel administrator: find a job you really like and you will have worked for the last time in your life.

Based on original reporting by Wajeeha Kamal, Raenu Charles and Ashley Zhou. Script by Shakyra Mabone.