The State – 04/22/22

Rachel Fulton

Survivors of Larry Nassar sexual abuse file claims against FBI

On April, 20, attorneys for survivors of ex-MSU doctor and convicted child molester Larry Nassar are filing 13 separate claims against the FBI for the bureau’s failure to investigate sexual abuse allegations against Nassar.

Attorneys Jamie White and Antoinette Frazho of White Law PLLC are filing the claims, along with Grace French, Nassar abuse survivor and president of The Army of Survivors.

Four sister survivors testified against the FBI during a senate judiciary committee hearing on Sept. 15, 2021, and the Department of Justice is reconsidering its decision not to prosecute agents.

A large part of the 13 claims are identical, the differences being the survivor’s extent of injury. There is also an included addendum outlining the basis of the claims.

These claims, filed through White Law, are pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act, or FTCA.

The FTCA is an unusual act because it does not require direct action on the part of the agents for there to be a liability. FBI agents who are found in violation of policy and law will also be considered for liability.

Under the FTCA, administrative complaints are required to be filed with the federal agency in concern. During a six-month period after the filing, the parties can negotiate.

Attorney Jamie White said he is prepared to file a lawsuit after the six months under one of two jurisdictions: the Southern District of Indiana or the Western District of Michigan.

Jordan Kovach elected 2022-23 student body president

After a long night of debate, the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, has elected Jordan Kovach as the president of the 59th session.

The social relations and policy junior and former Vice President for Internal Administration won with 32 votes, against international relations senior PJ Sarotte Wednesday night.

Kovach has been involved with ASMSU since their freshman year as a member of the freshman class council.

They said that being a part of the organization helped them to navigate a large and unfamiliar campus environment as a first-generation college student.

Kovach’s platform in their election campaign revolved around advocacy for students, particularly in collaboration with MSU’s CORES and COPS organizations.

Kovach stressed the importance of creating welcoming and supporting spaces for marginalized students at MSU.

Kovach’s election took place Wednesday rather than Tuesday due to a power outage at the Student Services building on Tuesday night, forcing the typical ASMSU election format to change.

A third presidential candidate, social relations & policy and philosophy junior Carl Austin Miller Grondin, withdrew from the race prior to the election.

MSU baseball finds another comeback win in midweek game against Eastern Michigan, 7-6

The Michigan State baseball team who is currently, 15-19, 2-7 in Big Ten, was able to squeeze a game in between brief rain showers in East Lansing on Wednesday evening with Eastern Michigan in town and secured a 7-6 victory.

“Proud of our guys, they showed a lot of character tonight,” Michigan State Head Coach Jake Boss said postgame.

“It could’ve went south for us on a couple different occasions. We didn’t play perfect baseball, but we made plays when we needed to and that’s kind of what it’s all about. Great effort … I think we showed a lot of maturity today, which is probably what I’m most proud of in this group. They keep fighting, they keep scratching and we were able to pull one out.”

Based on original reporting by Wajeeha Kamal, Lily Guiney and Sara Tidwell. Script by Shakyra Mabone.