Bouncy Castle Hype Music | “Doritos & Fritos” by 100 Gecs


Luke Adams, Host of Terminally Online

The Beavis & Butthead of hyperpop are officially back with the second single off of their upcoming album 10,000 Gecs. If you were worrying they’d sometime mature with time, worry no longer: “Doritos and Fritos” is a song with deez nuts jokes, bars about eating burritos with Danny Devito and the phrase “going berzerkus.” Dylan Brady and Laura Les have the unkempt energy of two hyperactive children unleashed upon a bouncy castle after a bit too much Pucker Powder. But for how juvenile this all sounds, they somehow haven’t become tiresome. In fact, I’d wager that “Doritos and Fritos” is the best song they’ve ever made.

The most noticeable change here, as it was with “mememe,” is that Laura and Dylan’s vocals have been almost entirely stripped of autotune. This sounded like a curiosity then, and it sounds like a revelation now. In stripping back one of their biggest gimmicks, they’ve embraced a sort of rawness that’s previously been masked by this tongue-and-cheek digital artifice. The rest of the song is appropriately heavy: the addition of legendary drummer Josh Freese gives this song a kind of propulsion that feels meatier than even the rawk-iest songs on 1000 Gecs. And of course, the real draw here is that ridiculous groove. Between the chunky slap bass and the shrill guitar feedback, this sounds like a post-punk band trying to cover the Flat Zone 2 theme from Smash Bros. Whatever you make of it, it’s a level of craft we haven’t yet seen from them, and hopefully a sign that 10,000 Gecs could be their most impressive project yet.