DJ Spotlight of The Week: Mike


Paige Drob, Training Director

Mike Merucci is the incoming Entertainment Editorial Assistant here at the impact but he has been making waves in the airstaff team all year long. If you like Death Grips and Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain”, tune in to hear Mike on Mondays from 12pm-2pm.


Where are you from?

South Lyon, MI


Favorite song/album of 2021/22 

Burial’s Antidawn EP is the pick for 2022 thus far.


What made you decide to join The IMPACT and become a DJ?

I was told I could write about music here, so I said to myself “I like writing. And I like music. I might as well join and hop on air while I’m at it.” 


What has been your best on-air experience?

Nothing brings me greater joy than starting off my shift with Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain” each week. 


What is the best concert experience you have had? Why? 

Seeing JPEGMAFIA in Pontiac this past fall was incredible for more reasons than I could possibly list here. 


How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life?

My public speaking skills are certainly benefiting from the experience. I think the teamwork component of working in radio is also something I’ll carry with me for a long time. 

Favorite Dining Hall? 



Campus Squirrels or Campus Ducks?

Ducks forever. 


Plan a dinner in East Lansing with any person dead or alive. Who would it be? Where would you go?

I’m taking Queen Elizabeth to Denny’s for sure .


What is your comfort TV show?

Even though Twin Peaks can often be the opposite of comforting, I think it still fits the bill.


Favorite College Memory?

Going nuts in a “Poppin’ My Collar” karaoke duet.