Return of the Fairy Queen | “My Love” by Florence + The Machine

Return of the Fairy Queen | My Love by Florence + The Machine

Taylor Truszkowski, Writer/Volunteer

Our British fairy queen, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, has returned to give us angelic vocals, ethereal visuals and a brand new album, Dance Fever, out May 2022. In preparation for the album the band has released a few singles within the past month, including “King,” “Heaven Is Here” and most recently, “My Love.”

It’s been nearly four years since Florence + The Machine’s 2018 album, High As Hope, left fans floating in a pool of emotions. Based on these new singles, that same raw emotion in her voice and lyrics that Welch is known for will dominate Dance Fever

“My Love” begins by highlighting Welch’s stunning vocals in a gospel-like first 30 seconds that call to mind all things divine and heavenly. Then the beat comes in and transforms the song into a cross between an upbeat dance tune and a mournful love ballad. 

In the “My Love” music video, Welch wears another fairytale gown which has become such an iconic part of her look. Her attire pairs well with the magical imagery throughout the video. Though this imagery is captivating, much of it is also disturbing. For example, Welch scrambling through a sea of stone-faced, mannequin-like people with gaping open mouths is an eerie image that leaves feelings of powerlessness and desperation. 

The feelings of hopelessness and frenzy left by the video communicate what it is like to experience a romance that has become out of control.

This same kind of fanciful imagery alluding to all things magic, death, ballgowns and royalty can be seen in the videos for her other two recent singles, “King” and “Heaven Is Here.”

Becoming a character straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale isn’t exactly new territory for Welch, but I think that persona is really going to pop out on Dance Fever. Get ready to break out your flower crowns and run barefoot in the rain when this album drops.