Fresh Feeling | “Skin Tight” by Ravyn Lenae (feat. Steve Lacy)


Paige Drob, Training Director

R&B artist Ravyn Lenae teamed up with Steve Lacy in her new single “Skin Tight.” The airy and romantic track was released on Feb. 1. Lenae described the inspiration behind the song in a press release: “I wanted to snap people into my world through the sonics, so they can feel how I’ve felt over the past couple of years.” I would say the hypnotic simplicity of the tune does just that. While listening I felt like I was sucked into the universe created by Lenae and Lacy.

These feelings were intensified while watching the 3D animated music video, directed by Zongbo Jiang.

Lenae notes the song is about “sharing kinetic energy with another person, even if time has passed and you aren’t together anymore.” The chorus exemplifies this idea:

“Hope you understand we won’t go as fast /

Hold me while you can, hold me while you can /

I’ll still be your friend, you’ll come back again /

Hold me while you can, hold me while you can.”

“Skin Tight” delivers a fresh and airy sound that makes me long for spring. It also makes me long for further collaboration from Lenae and Lacy.