The State – 02/16/22

Rachel Fulton

Michigan State continues to ‘go green’ with several energy projects

Enrollment numbers could potentially decline due to the Michigan State Universities failure to take steps for reducing emissions.

MSU has taken steps to reduce emissions. These projects include an Energy Transition Plan, a proposal to convert MSU campus to rely 100% on renewable energy.

In 1966, the T.B. Simon Power Plant was powered by burning coal to provide the campus with electricity and heat until 2016. By then, the plant had switched to natural gas completely.

This resulted in decreased carbon dioxide emissions by 32.4%

Another project planned is a Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Plant and Auxiliary boiler and it will produce electricity directly from the combustion of natural gas.

Students and professors could also help by saving energy such as turning off light switches or unplugging things.

First black mayor of EL, Ron Bacon reflects on his term thus far

After being elected mayor by the East Lansing city council last November, the city’s first Black Mayor Ron Bacon is acclimating to the new position quite well.

After his day job in biotechnology, Bacon shifts his focus to the city, where he’s been working on new initiatives regarding issues like policing and affordable housing.

Bacon also assists handle endowment for public schools with the East Lansing Education Foundation and the Martin Luther King Commission of Mid-Michigan.

Another issue Bacon wants to focus on is affordable housing for students attending MSU.

Bacon said because of the sophomore rule, he and his administration is figuring out MSU’s plans for housing.

Representation is also important to Bacon because he wants someone from each group in a community to be at the table.

Bacon said he wants to continue to serve in some form, such as commission volunteering and it’s his aspiration for the future after serving as mayor.

This shows that he takes boards and commissions seriously and expressed there could be a lot of impact on a broad community due to local small ordinances.

AG files application for leave to appeal reversing of Klages conviction, shares update on Simon case

Attorney General Dana Nessel filed an application for leave to appeal in the Michigan Supreme Court on Monday, in response to a Court of Appeals opinion that reversed the conviction of former Michigan State University Coach Kathie Klages.

Klages made misleading statements to the police that were material to the investigation into convicted ex-MSU doctor, Larry Nassar and MSU’s handling of abuse allegations, which reversed Klages’ conviction.

Consequently, The Michigan COA ruled this as insufficient evidence on Dec. 21.

The COA also decided to dismiss charges against former MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon in December 2021.

Even though Nessel is confident in the case that was built and presented against Simon, it will not be appealed.

Nessel said in the release as the voice for survivors all across the state, a victim-centered approach will always be prioritized and a long appellate process isn’t the best way to show support to survivors.

Based on original reporting by Terriyanna Gregory, Wajeeha Kamal, and Maddy Warrenn. Script by Shakyra Mabone.