The State – 02/09/22

Rachel Fulton

UniServices in the East Lansing community: let students do your odd jobs

In order to make some extra cash, MSU Law student Adam Green went through his array of common side hustles like Uber and GrubHub, but none seemed to work well for him.

Green started UniServices in September 2021 to help MSU students make money based on everyday tasks and chores on a flexible schedule.

Chief operating officer Trenton Zylinski was invited by Green to help with tasks the company may need.

Zylinski leads the Unihelpers through staffing and running the staff board where students can register on a first come first serve basis, customers are paying $28 per hour on average.

UniService was able to receive funding for insurance, marketing costs, tasks such as videography and graphic design for student interns, through the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Alumnus Bill Van Huis was hired by UniService as an advisor in December 2021 and has experience in growing companies and revenue growth.

Green would like to continue UniService full-time after graduating, his main goal is to go nationwide with the company.

Ánimo Latinx Series fosters success for Latinx students

The Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions is hosting series that consists of three community-building events for Latinx students at MSU.

These events will be held on Feb. 7th, March 21st, and April 4th. While the goal of these events are to help Latinx students connect with each other, the main focus is to help Latinx students reflect on what they really want, and how they’re going to accomplish what they’re doing

Yesterday, OCAT started off their first event with The Latinx Community Kickoff at the Erickson Kiva.

The event focused on bonding for Latinx students and students of all backgrounds.

Several activities were planned which included students visualizing the perfect day for themselves, and sending a letter to their future selves hoping students can look back for motivation.

In the next event, OCAT will be discussing imposter syndrome, which many Latinx students struggle with while attending predominantly white institutions.

In conclusion with the Ánimo Latinx Series, OCAT hopes to close out by showing Latinx students can be successful by giving them the resources they need.

Peregrine falcons on Spartan Stadium make their grand debut

For the past five years, a pair of peregrine falcons have been nesting atop Michigan State University’s Spartan Stadium.

The Fisheries and Wildlife Club at the university has taken the initiative to prolong and enrich their stay, as well as expose their existence to MSU students, staff, and faculty.

They are adding a nesting box as well as a camera so they can live monitor the babies as they grow.

To avoid predators from dive bombing the falcons, they are on the highest point on campus. Club Chair Evan Griffs said that putting the falcons on the high point can provide interesting research opportunities.

Evan Griffs and vice president Quinn Bozek said MSU is attempting to do its best on protecting the birds.

Bozek and Griff are hoping to set an example for other universities to take an interest in their urban wildlife.

Based on original reporting by Ashley Zhou, Amalia Medina, and Selma Cogo. Script by Shakyra Mabone.