Food for a New Generation of Sad Girls | “Watercolor Eyes” by Lana Del Rey


Taylor Truszkowski, Writer/Volunteer

From releasing weekly episodes to prolong relevance to featuring a new song from one of our generation’s most iconic female artists, the team in charge of today’s hottest teen drama, Euphoria, has made some of the best marketing decisions I’ve ever witnessed. 

Their most recent trick — and possibly their sneakiest one yet — was using Lana Del Rey as clickbait to entice fans into watching the third episode of the show’s currently-airing second season. Just before the release of the second episode, both HBO and Lana Del Ray revealed her new song, “Watercolor Eyes,” would be featured in the third episode. When an episode three teaser featuring the song was released, fan excitement shot through the roof.

The teaser features shots of several romantic and emotional scenes that would have fit the song’s mood perfectly. However, when the episode was released, we didn’t get to hear “Watercolor Eyes” until the end credits. 

There were several scenes between lovers throughout the third episode that would have been far more romantic and beautiful if paired with the song. Using the song for the end credits was a poor choice and many fans shared this sentiment.

Despite the poor placement, I am still grateful for HBO’s collaboration with Lana Del Rey not only because Lana’s mournful love ballads are perfect for such a heavy show, but also because it forced her to release this melancholic masterpiece. 

A few fans have said the track sounds like some of her early work. For me, it calls to memory the track “Yayo” from her second album, Paradise. In both tracks, her wistful vocals and repetition of the song’s title create a feeling of drunk and desperate longing. 

However, “Watercolor Eyes” also has elements of her newer style that we heard with the release of her two most recent albums, Chemtrails Over The Country Club and Blue Banisters. It has that soft piano to slow dance to — which seems to be a trend in her recent work. 

“Watercolor Eyes” is a perfect mix of the old and the new Lana Del Rey. She’s still got that same rich quality about her voice that I loved when I was 13 and the same kind of lyrics that will send a young girl down a spiral of teenage angst. The release of this track is sure to have today’s kids cutting their own bangs and sobbing on the shower floor.