Art in the Sky, and a Highlight on Chelsie Boodoo


Rachel Fulton, News Reporter

EAST LANSING, MI- The Art Council of Greater Lansing will be marking off their thirteenth annual “Art in the Sky” billboard project. Each year the project helps portray art to the public of the Greater Lansing Area. Partnered with Adams Outdoor Advertising, billboards are randomly spread out, displaying the artwork off highways and airways.


One of the six featured artists chosen for this year’s project is Michigan State University’s Ph.D. student, Chelsie Boodoo. Her creative piece demonstrates space and time with two astronauts and a black hole. She shows that one of the astronauts’ helmets has a galaxy on it representing space and the other showing a clock on their face representing time. Her graphic design is in rotation on electric Adams Billboards now through the end of January.


Boodoo was inspired by her fiancée, Daniel Puentes who is an MSU Ph.D. candidate in Physics and Astronomy. The piece features one of the most interesting and unanswerable questions asked by physicists, what happens in a black hole? Boodoo and Puentes are both proud producers of Impact 89FM’s podcast The Sci-Files, which incorporates new projects such as the “Art in the Sky” each episode.