Impact Mixtape | “Live a Villain, Die a Hero” by Alex Bocchi

Impact Mixtape | Live a Villain, Die a Hero by Alex Bocchi

Alex Bocchi, Writer/Volunteer

I curated this playlist after thinking that sometimes it’s boring being the story’s hero. The idea that a good villain makes a good movie rings true in my head. In every movie, the hero is the same. They have a goal and overcome any obstacle to get to their destination. This obstacle is often the villain of the story, and there within lies the exciting intricacies of the story. They all have different motives, moralities and that is where the true creativity of an author is. 

The playlist is the backstory for a villain. Track one has to be from the original Madvillain himself MF DOOM with “All Caps.” The song is about the respect the villain deserves: Don’t forget ALL CAPS when you spell the man’s name. Most of these songs are high energy to represent the anger and willingness of the villain, but there are some classic Wu-Tang and GZA tracks to accentuate their swagger. We see some of the villain’s emotions when hearing “Superman That” by Injury Reserve and how “Ain’t no savin’ me, ain’t no savin’ me or you.” Just as in any movie, the playlist ends with “END CREDITS!” By JPEGMAFIA. This song’s sample from Arn Anderson is something.

In no way would I say I am the villain of my story nor do I try to be, but as I listen to this playlist while doing my ordinary tasks, it does feel like it makes it slightly more interesting.