Top 5 Albums of 2021: Adam Steinhauer


Adam Steinhauer

As we wrap up the year, we’re sharing some of our staff members’ favorite albums of the year. Here’s Adam Steinhauer’s list.

5. Mini Trees – Always in Motion

One of the best smaller artists I found this year through music review. This album is just amazing, sounds so good, beautiful vocals, can’t wait to hear more from them.

4. Wednesday – Twin Plagues

One of the first albums I listened to because it was recommended me by the station. Shout out Mason. Just amazing everything on this album.

3. black midi – Cavalcade

They went a slightly different direction with this new album and it is still amazing, Ascending Forth is one of the best end tracks on an album all year.

2. MARINA – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

All of the singles were amazing, all the other tracks were great too. Great length at 10 tracks.

1. Magdalena Bay – Mercurial World

Best pop album of the year. Amazing production. Really shows the current sound of pop music and exemplifies the direction it has been heading in.

You can listen to Adam’s entire Top 5 Albums of 2021 playlist below.