DJ Spotlight of the Week: Eisele


Paige Drob, Training Director

Eisele is a volunteer of many talents here at Impact 89fm. Not only is she an awesome on-air personality, but she also helps pick songs to add to our catalog as a volunteer for  Music Review! 


What made you decide to join The IMPACT and become a DJ?

In high school I never had time to try something like this, so I thought it would be something new and fun to try and I love it!


Where are you from?

Wilmette, IL


Favorite song/album of 2021 

Harmony House by Dayglow


What has been your best on-air experience? 

Feeling the adrenaline rush when I went on air by myself for the very first time was amazing and something I will never forget.


What is the best concert experience you have had? Why? 

Being at Lollapalooza this summer was the best concert experience because of how exciting the atmosphere was and how carefree and fun the whole thing felt.


How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life?

I think working in radio will give me more confidence in my everyday life. It will help show me that if I work hard enough at something I will be able to accomplish anything


Favorite Dining Hall? 



Campus Squirrels or Campus Ducks?

Campus Squirrels


Plan a dinner in East Lansing with any person dead or alive. Who would it be? Where would you go?

The dinner would be with my grandpa (who is a Michigan Fan) and it would be at HopCat


What is your comfort TV show?

Boy Meets World


Favorite College Memory?

My favorite memory was joining my sorority