Post Exam – Mellow Jam | “Look Out!” by Peach Pit


Aidan Walsh, Writer/Volunteer

Peach Pit is one of those bands that seems like it can defy genre at will. Usually falling somewhere in the range of indie indie pop and surf rock, their sound still remains variable in the best possible way.

Their most recent single is one of the best examples of that. A wistful, mellow jam with the makings of a true contemporary folk song, “Look Out!” is an easygoing listen off the upcoming album From 2 to 3. Lacking the signature feature of a surf guitar and focusing on the voice of lead singer Neil Smith, the song is entirely acoustic. It’s a gentle track, riding up and down a perpetually strummy rhythm.

The track is nothing like what I’ve come to expect of Peach Pit, which makes it all the more enjoyable. I had become well accustomed to upbeat indie tracks like “Seventeen” and anthems such as “Alrighty Aphrodite” or “Tommy’s Party.” The new single ushers in an evolved sound for the band, giving us a good preview for what to expect of the upcoming album next March.

The instrumentals weave an excellently bittersweet tune led by guitarist Chris Vanderkooy and complemented by Peter Wilton on harmonica, who’s usually on bass. The lyrics themselves are nothing particularly ingenious or deep, simply words that suit the melody to a tee. Which, I suppose, is its own kind of genius.

“Lookout, I’m slow again /

About us two /

There I sat just looking at the fool I’ve been /

If my heart was beating loudеr /

You’d hear it breaking in.”

For me, it’s the perfect relaxing afternoon song. It’s reminiscent of some of the slower tracks on The Lumineers’ 2012 eponymous album, and as a single it belongs on playlists that feature the likes of Avett Brothers and Fleet Foxes. Both poignant and charming, it’s the kind of calming song that is well-equipped to ward off the Sunday scaries and give oneself a little headspace.