Playlist | Songs to Eat Soup to

Entertainment Team

Ah yes, in these coming winter months there is truly nothing more comforting than a lovely bowl of soup. Just imagine it: snow is pattering against the window, wind is lashing at the trees, but here you are with a napkin, spoon and bowl of chicken noodle, french onion, baked potato or whatever else your magnificent, soup-fueled mind may have cooked up. It’s all so beautiful, so well-designed, so… perfect. You dip your spoon into the bowl, capture some of the glorious concoction within, raise it to your lips, but then realize something TERRIBLE. You don’t have a playlist to eat your soup to! How could you have forgotten such a thing? How could you have omitted what should be one of the cornerstones of this truly soupernatural experience? Do not panic, friends, for we have you covered. Here at the Entertainment Team, it’s our job to prepare for emergencies such as this. Enjoy.