Still Having So Much Fun | “Icy Hot” by Young Thug (feat. Doja Cat)

Still Having So Much Fun | “Icy Hot” by Young Thug (feat. Doja Cat)

Mike Merucci, Writer/Volunteer

Well, my friends, we have been blessed. The heavens have opened. The great, comforting light of some higher power is shining down. Slime Season is upon us yet again.

Young Thug has set us up with a wonderful collection of tracks on his new album Punk, and the reason I’ve chosen “Icy Hot” as the one to highlight above all the rest is quite simple — the opening kind of sounds like the BioShock menu music to me. The piano in particular. Aside from that incredibly important reason, I’m in love with the chorus. I have no idea what “my pocket on croissants” means — I suppose it could be money-stuffed pockets since croissants are classified under the bread umbrella, and when we’re talking about bread in this situation it’s probably money — but hey, I’m just over here having a good time. That’s all I’m having with this song — a good time. 

The first time I heard it, I can’t say I was having a good time. I actually thought it was kind of trash, but it was still intriguing — and that’s one of the best things a song can be on first listen. Now I have the chorus lodged in my head and the desire to replay BioShock burns strong in my heart. To go off topic with another video game, I was churning out some pretty high Crossy Road scores while listening to this song and I have to believe that Young Thug and Doja Cat were watching over me in these moments, cheering me on with lyrics such as “I count up so much, I bleed from paper,” and “He said I’m the wifey type, he threw dick like bouquet.”

Thank you, Young Thug. Thank you, Doja Cat. You have done it again.