A Feel Good Song from a Fading Summer | “Narrative” by Breakup Shoes


Marin Klein, Writer/Volunteer

Sometimes the smaller, unknown bands can have the best summer feel-good songs. Breakup Shoes’ newest EP, Narratives, is a great example of that. Their song “Narratives,” named after the EP, may be a great summer song, but also just all-around a fun song for if you need to dance at a stoplight or just need something to brighten your mood.

This is the band’s second EP, along with their two albums. The band takes a retro spin on the indie-pop genre, which can be seen through “Narratives.” The intro to the song includes ’60s electronic music. Adding to that, the first verse of the song is played as if it is coming out of an old video camera with a scratchy effect. The chorus switches to pop, but the electronic music is still in the background.

The lyrics are telling a story of someone who is usually closed off and overthinks everything trying to express their feelings to someone else. As an overthinker myself, I related a little too much to this song I heard it. While the meaning behind the lyrics doesn’t entirely make this seem like a “get up and dance song,” wait until you hear it.

The Narratives EP is more fun, with a ’60s electronic feel, Breakup Shoes has lots of other great songs! If you’re a big fan of The Neighbourhood, check out Breakup Shoes’ first EP, Nicotine Dreams. This small indie band caters to many different music tastes. However, if you want a fun listen to make you feel good check out “Narratives”!

Happy listening!