The State – 4/7/21

Lacie Hudson

Michigan Title IX files exposed in a data breach – Jared Ramsey: The Michigan State Title IX files were apart of a data breach from Bricker and Eckler Law Firm. The university hired the company to investigate Title IX and hearings. The email sent out was geared under 350 people notifying them about the breach. Michigan State’s Title IX Communications Manager Christian Chapman said, “So just to be completely clear, none of the MSU systems were accessed,” he continued with, “It was just the Bricker and Eckler systems and the cases that they handled from MSU. So a small subset. It was less than 350 people affected. And the type of information were case files.” Six people at MSU had their personal information exposed.

Counseling and Mental Health Service Fund expands coverage for survivors Jared Ramsey: Survivors of the Larry Nassar abuse cases, will be able to receive extra coverage of treatments from the Counseling and Mental Health Services Fund. Some of the updates will allow individuals to request service animals, and ketamine infusion therapy. The fund was created in 2017 but was discontinued in July 2018 after fraudulent claims were being made. Then an intermediate Healing Fund was created and is managed by a third party contractor that handles the reimbursement process for survivors.

Vaccinated patients are facing scams – Janelle James: Government officials, the Federal Trade Commission and The Federal Bureau of Investigation are working to fight vaccine scams. Scammers are messaging patients who recently have been vaccinated to participate in surveys. The incentive is a prize that patients have to pay shipping for that will never be sent out. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a press release that scammers are still doing anything to steal personal information and its best if people do not share their vaccination cards.

Script writer: Chandra Flemming

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