The State – 3/23/21

Lacie Hudson

ASMSU SAFE RIDE BACK ON CAMPUS –Jared Ramsey: ASMSU announces that their late night free transportation Safe Ride is coming back to campus. Safe Ride was suspended for the fall semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Returning with new regulations Safe Ride requires a health and safety questionnaire along with limiting passengers to one occupant per ride. Safe Ride will now operate from 6 p.m. through 12 a.m, seven days a week. To be able to gain access to the service, students will have to register for Safe Ride with ASMSU through their website or by giving a call to the ASMSU office.

EAST LANSING EATERY JOINT REOPENS WITH IMPROVEMENTS Anna Mizerowski: Look out restaurant lovers of East Lansing, a new addition to the downtown area has opened. For Crêpe Sake is now back in action after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The eatery opened in 2014 and was located in downtown Lansing. There was a goal by owners to have two locations be available, but due to businesses shutting down they narrowed down to just one. For Crêpe Sake serves savory and sweet crêpes, coffee and Belgian waffles. Their new location will also have a new aesthetic that’s improved from their old location.

MSU SENSE-ABILITY ENSEMBLE CREATING A MUSICAL FOR NEURODIVERSE AUDIENCES Morgan Womack: MSU’s Sense-Ability Ensemble is creating a production geared toward neurodiverse students. For those students often it is hard to watch a show or assembly in auditoriums among their other classmates due to the lights, loud noises and movement sometimes causing a sensory overload. The team will create a adaption of the children book’s called, “What If Wilhelmina” by Joseph Belisle. The playwright and lyricist Dionne O’Dell will be working with Belisle to create the musical. In spring 2022, MSU students will join on the production team to rehearse and start performing on tour for elementary schools.

Script writer: Chandra Flemming

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