The State – 3/10/21

Lacie Hudson

ASMSU PASSES BILL IN FAVOR OF COLLEGE OF EDUCATION PETITION Jared Ramsey: Positive news for the College of Education, ASMSU recently passed Bill 57-69. In their general assembly meeting it was in favor of the petition that rejects the idea of a 5th year internship for students in the teaching program. The petition was created on February 12th and had over 670 signatures. Students express that the program is unrealistic financially and damaging to their mental health. Recently students also sat down with President Stanley to discuss their concerns as well who agrees to look more into the program. With the new support of ASMSU students hope that a change will be made.

 – Dina Kaur: The State News ran an Instagram poll that asked if students felt the two wellness days MSU gave on March 2nd and 3rd were effective. The data showed that 141 students said no and only 29 said yes. Students said that they felt the days they were off all they could focus on still was school. One student expressed that her days were filled with stress and anxiety because she had to study for a test. Psychology sophomore Tamara Siblani said “I think it would have been more efficient to give the students time to really focus on their well-being rather than just give them two short days.” The majority of students could agree that they would have preferred more time off to really get a chance to relax.

POLICE RESPONDED TO 7 FIRES AFTER MSU WIN – Wajeeha Kamal: After MSU received their victory against Michigan, MSU fans and students took the streets to celebrate. The known apartment complex Cedar Village did their annual thing of burning couches after the big win. Shortly in the midst of their burning, police showed up. According to the East Lansing Police Department, there were seven small fires reported, but no arrests were made. Students were seen in photos and videos not wearing masks and in big crowds. All of which does not go with Ingham County’s latest emergency order restrictions.

Script writer: Chandra Fleming

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