The State – 3/2/21

Lacie Hudson

Cornel West discussed Black culture, civil rights leaders for MSU lecture series – Jared Ramsey: Cornel West was a featured speaker at MSU’s 21st annual William G. Anderson lecture series for Black History Month. West is a public philosophy professor at Harvard University in addition to being a Professor  AMAIRTIUS Emeritus at Princeton University. As the author of 20 books surrounding the topics of the intersections of race, gender, class, and religion in American society he has made several appearances on CNN, C-Span, and Democracy Now.

MSU plans to build new Multicultural Center, 3 different location options Melanie Soverinsky: Michigan State University recently revealed that they will be building a new Multicultural Center on campus. Those involved with this project have the goal of providing a space for students with diverse backgrounds to use the space for events, meeting locations, a place to study, or for self-reflection. Michigan State University began plans for this project in late 2019 after many students voiced their interest and a need for a multicultural structure to be present on campus. MSU is currently looking into what is feasible for this project.

MSU alumni in Texas rely on community to combat harsh winter weather
 – Morgan Womack: MSU alumna Maribel Cisneros found herself facing the brunt of the intense Texas weather after she woke up in the middle of the night to find that her power had been out. At this moment she had no idea that she would be facing days of freezing temperature with no electricity. After graduating from MSU in 2000 with a business supply chain management degree, she moved from her home state, Michigan, to Texas because she preferred warmer weather. After faxing the recent extreme weather conditions, Cisneros states her disappointment in the government because she said members were blaming each other for the issues instead of trying to solve them. “They didn’t prepare us; Texas is not prepared,” Cisneros said.

Script writer: Kelly Winters

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