Impact Mixtape | “Malcolm in the Middle just came on” by Mason Vore


Mason Vore, Malcom in the Middle Fanatic

My Impact Mixtape is about the greatest early 2000s sitcom of all time, Malcolm in the Middle,  and how hype I get every time I watch it.  This playlist is made up of songs that are like a Baja Blast to my brain. I made it last October because I started rewatching it and tapped into the show’s immense regenerative powers. It’s got really high energy songs like Charli XCX’s “Anthems” and Fun.’s “One Foot,” as well as a song from the soundtrack to the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

The playlist is more focused on how energetic the song sounds rather than the lyrical content. That explains why I included Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” and the Baha Men’s  “Who Let the Dogs Out” on itThe playlist closes out with the official theme song of the show, “Boss of Me,” because it’s an instant shockwave to my senses. I listen to this playlist instead of drinking coffee, and I hope that anyone who listens to it can feel the same way.