Not So Extra-Terrestrial | “mars” by YUNGBLUD


Paige Drob

The English singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD, is known for his combination of alt-rock and hip hop sound, along with his eccentric hair and style. He hones in on this reputation in his newest album “weird!” This sophomore album released on Dec. 4 2020, but was preluded by the release of a handful of singles from the album, including “mars,” released on Nov.  27. 

YUNGBLUD cites the inspiration for the track came from a fan he met at Warped Tour in 2018 who was transgender. They had a discussion about how introducing her parents to the alternative music community helped them learn to accept her identity, and that his music helped her accept herself, as well. 

The song illustrates many struggles that gender nonconforming individuals face, such as struggles for acceptance at school, home and within. The emotional music video for “mars” represents the pain and abuse that many members of the LGBT community face. This video features many different people from different backgrounds, all in the same spot, going through the same struggles.

(Content Warning: Some of the subject matter of this video may be triggering to some individuals, such as violence.)

“mars” brings life to the fears, struggles, and general discontent that so many people face.