Playlist|“Songs to Drown Out Your Relatives”


Sarah Beltran and Entertainment Team

It’s that time of year! Even with a global pandemic going on, Aunt Karen insists on coming through with your (least) favorite triplet cousins a few times for a couple of unbearable meals. Even though mom puts the leaf in the table, which she piles high with an unnecessary amount of decorative candles and potpourri, there is not enough separating you from Dave, Dane, and Dale. 

After a long-winded discussion on which brand of swimming briefs is better for water polo, the topic of conversation shifts to—you guessed it—politics! From Covid to the Presidential Election, there is going to be no shortage of arguments. Argument is actually a loose term, seeing as how everyone is just saying whatever they want without listening to anyone else. I mean, Grandma Sue literally just turns her hearing aid off when people try to tell her to wear a mask.

So, what could possibly get you through the next 56 minutes of casserole and torture? How about some of your loudest, most defiant favs, compiled into a playlist for your convenience! In “Songs to Drown Out Your Relatives,” we have put together some of our favorite tunes with an FU attitude that will fill your headphones with all the noise needed to shield you from Grandma’s shrill conspiracies. Bon appetit!