The State – 10/22/20

Lacie Hudson, Case deKoning

Campus Street Sportwear on Grand River by Berkey Hall will be closing its doors permanently, according to a statement released on Wednesday from its owner.

The store will be closing its doors after replacing Steve & Barry’s, another athletic clothing store, in 2009.

All merchandise is already marked down by 30%, and the owners said he hopes to have all merchandise sold by the new year. Many store fixtures are for sale, as well.

According to an email sent to faculty, President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. approved a No Record-COVID19 grading policy, or NR-C, that was recommended to him by the academic governance.

Students who earn below a 2.0 will have the option to have their grade converted to NR-C. 0.0 will automatically be changed to NR-C. Students that earn a 1.5 or 1.0 in a class but opt to convert their grade to NR-C will not keep their credit in the course.

Grades converted to NR-C will be dropped from students’ transcripts and will not affect their cumulative GPA. Students may also retake the course without it impacting their 20 credit retake cap. There will be a form that students have to fill out if they want their grade converted.

As positive COVID-19 cases connected to Michigan State University trend downward, there is no current data to support a shelter-in-place order for students like the order issued today in Washtenaw County for University of Michigan undergraduate students.

25 cases reported last week were connected to the university, down from 86 the week prior. This is in conjunction with a continuously decreasing percent positivity rate which stood at 5.56% last week.

Data from the University of Michigan demonstrates an increasing rise in case and testing numbers. In the last two weeks, the percent positivity rate rose nearly 2% to 2.9% in the week of Oct. 11. In that week, 301 cases were reported connected to the university.

That being said, students should be weary of upcoming football parties that could send the university down a similar route to that of U of M.