A Quarantine Banger | “anthems” – Charli XCX


Michael Thistlethwaite, Website Director/Writer

Fresh off her wildly successful album, Charli, Charli XCX has just released another batch of songs to keep her fans fed during the COVID-19 crisis. The songs this time around, feel incredibly personal, as Charli takes us through her life staying indoors.

how i’m feeling now has a few songs that slap, but none harder than my personal favorite, “anthems.”

The track makes an appearance in the latter half of the album, and boy does it pack a punch. Before even listening I had high hopes, as the track is produced by 100 gecs’ own Dylan Brady. Once I pressed play, I could barely sit still.

“anthems” starts with these sped-up synths that make you almost instantaneously feel as though you were transported to Electric Forest, and the rest of the track does it’s best to keep up with that feeling. Right before the bass drops we hear Charli say “I’m so bored” and then… chaos.

After that, the Dylan Brady really begins to shine through, as Charli’s voice is almost drowned out in the busy techno-pop production and bass that rattles your eardrums. It’s all insanely fun, and makes me wish I was at a rave, instead of rewatching “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” for the third time in a month.

As for the lyrics, they’re some of the most relatable I’ve heard in a while, as Charli describes how she’s sick of of staying inside, and how she misses partying with her friends.

Wake up late, eat some cereal /

Try my best to be physical /

Lose myself in a TV show /

Staring out to oblivion

There’s not much to say about this track beyond that it’s a head-banging pop song that perfectly encapsulates the frustration we all feel as we continue to distance from our usual activities. 

Give “anthems” a listen if you’re in need of a serious energy boost.

Charli XCX’s new album, how i’m feeling now, is available on streaming platforms.

Featured image retrieved from Charli XCX’s Twitter account.