DJ Spotlight of the Week- Connie


Camille Rogers

A new member of our Impact team gets this week’s DJ Spotlight. Connie Rahbany is a junior studying Journalism.

What’s your role at The IMPACT?

News Producer for Exposure and Live DJ

What made you decide to join The IMPACT and become a DJ?

I love this stuff. I’m always looking for experience and the station has every opportunity someone like me could want!

What has been your best on-air experience?

My best on-air experience was when I was shadowing as a volunteer and nothing was working right and everyone was panicking together and I could just see the fun and love everyone has for and with each other.

What’s your zodiac sign?


How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life?

Working in radio will help me decide what direction I want to take my career. I started off with radio and who knows, maybe radio is it!

If you were on a deserted island, who would you bring with you, and why?

Gordon Ramsey. He could help me make anything taste like real food on a deserted island and that’s all I could care about it.

What’s your favorite meme?