Modern Disco From Detroit | “Put Me To Sleep” – Mover Shaker


Kyle Davidson, Writer/Volunteer

Mover Shaker is back with their first new album since 2016. On their newest release Another Truck Stop, the Michigan-based band leaves behind the prog rock sound present on their last record in favor of creating an album with a little bit of everything. 

With songs like “Service Provider” showing influences from new wave and “The Children Want Their Nicotine” going another route as a straight hardcore track, this album is a beautiful amalgamation of many different outside influences. Even with the variety of new influences on the record, the album is still recognizable as a Mover Shaker release, making it a worthy successor to Michigania.

Of all the songs on the album, “Put Me To Sleep” is easily the most fun. Due to the work of Ryan Shea on bass and Gabriel Miller on keys, the song opens with a groove so energetic it’s hard to resist dancing in place while listening to it. Call it disco, call it synthwave; no matter what label sticks, the song clearly takes plenty of influence from the music of the ’80s.

Fueled by the sexual tension present in the lyrics, Miller’s vocal performance adds to the overall disco feel of the track, giving it that extra sass and bite that makes the song such a hit. On top of that, Miller’s vocals are highlighted by Jack Parsons’ performance on guitar, giving it some extra attitude that cements the track as one of the most memorable from the album.

Underneath all the layers of funk, the lyrics to “Put Me to Sleep” come across just as strongly as the instrumental aspect of this track. Through the song, Miller describes the harsh feelings and dialogue present in a failing relationship as well as the tension present when that relationship draws to a close. With biting lines like “You tell me I need you but I’m telling you I don’t,” the raw feelings put into this track find their outlet, showcasing a kind of frustration you won’t typically find in songs like this.

After playing their album release show at The Sanctuary in Hamtramck on Nov. 30, Mover Shaker is leaving Michigan again to tour the Midwest along with parts of the mid-Atlantic. After taking a brief break from the tour, they will be playing a show on Jan. 18 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, if you’re looking to experience the songs from Another Truck Stop firsthand.

Feature image by Kris Herrmann; retrieved from Mover Shaker’s Facebook page.