Back From Hiatus | “They Say” – Hoops


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

Hoops is back after about a year hiatus, and they sure do have something to say with their new song They Say.” With their 2017 debut album Routines being such a sonic smash, it is a relief to know they are making music together again. Coming back from the break, Hoops is bringing new flavors into their latest tasty dish.

“They Say” adds new textures to the Hoops’ lo-fi legacy. Using less shoegazey guitar and more funky rhythmic guitar, there is more space in the song to groove. In these spaces, we get jazzy piano, disco synths, popping percussion toys, and some banging bass from Kevin Krauter. On top (haha) of all that, Lead singer Drew Auscherman still strings his sweet bedroom pop melodies through the tune.

Hoops’ new single is the perfect listen as the days grow darker and colder, saying “Baby, wipe those tears away.” There is something special about the way the band can express sadness and hope all at once, using chord progressions that nearly break your heart and put it back together again. Here’s to hoping they give us a little more to get us through this winter.

Featured image by Daniel Topete; retrieved from Fat Possum Records.