Angelic Trap | “holy terrain” – FKA twigs (feat. Future)


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

FKA twigs has released the second single from her forthcoming sophomore album, MAGDALENE. “holy terrain” is sort of the sonic antithesis to “Cellophane,” but it expounds upon the same themes.

When discussing MAGDALENE, twigs has said she “never thought heartbreak could be so all-encompassing.” “holy terrain” explores a relationship at the tipping point with intensely honest conversation between two lovers, represented by twigs and Future.


Even though “holy terrain” is the ‘bop’ on MAGDALENE, the trap beats and backing vocals cannot hide twigs’ angst. She wants to be cherished the way she deserves, and is challenging her self-proclaimed faulted lover (played by Future). That’s where this religious metaphor comes into play, and let’s be honest, she is basically a goddess with those angelic vocals.

There is an urgency in her floating monotonous vocals during the pre-chorus, whisper-singing, “Do you still think I’m beautiful, when you light me in flames?” It drives right into the chorus where a number of dramatic orchestral instruments enter and leave as the beat comes and goes, adding to the theatrics of the song. She lays it all out, saying she only has love for “a man who can follow his heart, and stand up in [her] holy terrain,” to which Future replies, “I try, I try, I try, I try for you.”

Future is the only feature on the album, but his role in “holy terrain” is perfect for the two-sided dialogue, which gives the song an even more theatrical feel.


FKA twigs is continuing to explore her unique aesthetic not only in her new music, but also in her music videos. The accompanying video for “holy terrain” features elegant costuming and refined hip-hop/contemporary choreography with a fantastically desolate and dark setting.

MAGDALENE is scheduled to release on Oct. 25, her first full-length record since 2014.

Featured image by Todd Owyoung/Red Bull Content Pool; retrieved from FADER.