Nostalgic Dream-Pop | “Kiss the Stars” – Hatchie


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

If you are looking to be transported back to the early days of dream pop, then Hatchie has just the thing for you. With her new song “Kiss the Stars,” she captures an essence that has rarely been netted since the early ‘90s. Through her warped instrumentation and floaty lyrics, Hatchie makes you feel like the lead in your own vintage rom-com.

“Kiss the Stars” is a pop ballad that was stuffed in a tin box with a mood ring and a Cranberries tee, buried for 25 years, dug up and shaken around before exploding open. Its jangly guitars could be straight from the Cocteau Twins’ album Heaven or Las Vegas, while Hatchie’s sweet and simple lyrics are delicately strung up above, swaying and swooning. Her voice embodies the classic ‘90s female lead – sugary with a little bit of spice (hint hint her first EP Sugar and Spice). Her influences, Natalie Imbruglia, The Cranberries, Alvvays, MBV and more are all glaringly obvious, feeding on our musical nostalgia. It’s fun and romantic with fading colors and blending textures that, if you allow yourself, can envelop you for four minutes of pure bliss.

Some may say, “But it’s been done before,” or, “It’s too simple and sweet,” but I think Hatchie is helping uncover a lost art: pop songs. “Kiss the Stars,” along with the other nine tracks on her new album Keepsake, are each a sparkle, a quick glimmer to quicken our otherwise static millenial/Gen Z hearts. Creating this segway from dream-pop to pop is Hatchie’s way of bringing the past into the future, so let’s appreciate it in the moment as opposed to 25 years from now.

Featured image by Justin Higuchi; retrieved from Flickr.