Playlist | Songs to Chase the CATA to


Casey Halas, Volunteer

Take a moment to imagine that it’s 9:50 am on a cold, dreary, February morning. You’re heading out the door for your 10:20 am class in hopes of catching the bus on time. You pop your headphones in while you walk to get that extra pep in your step. You start off listening to something pretty slow and casual, a nice beat  to introduce you to the busy day ahead of you. You can see the bus stop up ahead and just when you fully believe you can make it, you look up a little further to see…oh my god…the BUS! It shouldn’t be this early, you think to yourself and before you know it you’re running.

While desperately trying to avoid slipping on ice and killing yourself, you are running only at the speed your heavy backpack allows you. You can see the last person getting on the bus and you hold on to that last glimmer of hope that the bus driver sees you and waits. You’re practically at the door when SWOOSH, the door closes. Heaving for air, you come to a stop and watch as the CATA drives off into the distance. Goddamnit, is all you can think to say.

If you have ever been (as my friends and I call it) “nae-naed” by the CATA, listen to this playlist as you run after it like your life depends on it. I sincerely hope you make it.