Track and Field to Get a Taste of ACC Competition


Going into this weekend the MSU track and field team looks forward to competing in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Last year the team did not compete in this meet, but due to their shown interest they were approached about competing this year, according to head coach Walt Drenth.

The ability to perform well gets you on the bus to a meet like this, according to Drenth.

“We don’t take everybody, it’s not a participation sport, it’s for people who we think are going to score in the Big Ten,” said Drenth. “You kind of have to earn your way to compete in these kinds of meets.”

The ACC/Big Ten Challenge is considered a scorer meet and in the Big Ten you are allowed to take 34 people of each gender.

“We will take a lot of people because they’re all going to score in the conference or they have a chance of scoring in the conference,” said Drenth.

The meet is based on a team score and Coach Drenth says that this has a positive effect on the athletes in a way that they know their efforts will make an impact in the end.

The good thing about a scorer meet is that it changes your perspective, big marks are sort of an exceler effect of competing,” he said. “This is really trying to beat people in this format where there is going to be a score at the end.”

Excited about this opportunity, growth is expected from the team as they travel to Louisville, KY to compete this Saturday, April 11 at 10 a.m.