The Green & White Report – 04/01/19 – Reflecting Back (Episode 100)


On the 100th episode of the Green & White Report, Ryan Rabinowitz is joined by co-host Julian Mitchell after Julian was absent for the past three weeks due to his travels covering the MSU men’s basketball team.

The guys kick the 100th off by talking all things MSU men’s basketball, reflecting back on their journey to the Elite Eight and their matchup against the Duke Blue Devils (2:12).

Afterwords, the show gets a pair of call-ins from former co-hosts Davey Segal (19:41) and Jon Simon (30:42), as they share their favorite moments on the Green & White Report, as well as share their predictions for the Spartan’s matchup against Duke.

Following Davey and Jon, we continue the show with two more guests, this time former Play-by-Play Director Zach Swieciki (38:54) and former Sports Director Ryan Cole (45:22), who share their thoughts and reflections regarding the show and give an analysis on MSU men’s basketball during this year’s Big Dance.

Finally, the 100th wraps up with producer Hikaru Kudo hosting a best-of the Green & White Report segment, as Hikaru brings Ryan and Julian back down memory lane and shares some of the best and greatest moments from the past 100 episodes.