Exposure – 10/28/18 – Impact Musicians


Stephanie Stapert

This week on Exposure, your host Stephanie Stapert, interviewed some musicians who also work at WDBM!

The interview starts with Conor Lynch, the engineering director. Lynch produces all of his own music and recently released a new song! Up next is Andrew Yonker, WDBM’s senior staff editor. Yonker is a part of the band Yay-High, a garage rock group that often performs here in Lansing. Yonker also has music under his own name which has more of a dream pop vibe, he has a newer song Cyber WorldRyan Malicsi works as one of our front desk manager, but he’s also the lead guitarist of Hot Mulligan. Hot Mulligan is an emo pop-punk band that is on tour, performing their newer album Pilot.

All three of them will be performing Saturday, November 17 at Bingle Mansion! If you like what you’ve heard catch them at this event!