Black Car | Beach House


Sarah Beltran

As the fourth single released from their latest album, “Black Car” foreshadowed what we could expect from the rest of 7. After their previous six studio LPs, Beach House is exploring a darker sound than what we have heard from the dreamy, lo-fi band. Following the first three singles, “Dive,” “Lemon Glow,” and “Dark Spring,” this melancholic track rounds out the beautifully complex sound that Beach House has created for their newest project.

What makes “Black Car” so haunting is not just the eerie melody and instrumentals, but the way in which they are woven together. The repetition of the original motif gradually becomes encircled by the other transient musical thoughts. It is one of the only aspects that grounds the listener as everything else passes by. What’s more is that without being able to distinguish a familiar verse-chorus structure, the listener just has to ride along into the unknown–and it’s quite the trip.

It’s this type of expansion and experimentation that make 7 an interesting, terrific album, making us content to drive this “Black Car” all summer long.