The Other Day | Foliage


Andrew Younker

Manuel Joseph Walker, frontman and multi-instrumentalist behind jangle pop project Foliage, grew up in San Bernardino, California, under the dry sun in a low-income area. Bored as a teenager, he started to tinker with music on his computer before releasing his debut project, Truths, in 2015. His pet project has reached new heights since then, expanding on his DIY dream pop sound by taking inspiration from contemporaries and close friends such as High Sunn and CASTLEBEAT.

“The Other Day” sits ninth on Foliage’s newest project, III. The track kicks off with airy, jubilant synths and a distorted “How I Met Your Mother” sample before meeting up with a punchy drum machine straight out of the 80s. The lead whistle synth dances above soft key taps and Walker’s prophetic voice sits somewhere in the middle to even it out. The second half of the track works in half time as Walker speaks his troubled mind, reassuring someone he truly cares about with the most beautiful music to help him say what he can’t communicate with words. The song ends before you know it, leaving the promise of a new day and a clear mind. Listen to the rest of the new Foliage record, III to be swept away by the rest of his gooey, homemade melodies.