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Stoopfest and Your Comprehensive Guide to Supporting the Michigan Music Scene


The Third Annual StoopFest Music Festival is this weekend! StoopFest strives to be an inclusive environment that showcases music, art, and comedy within the Greater Lansing community. This year the festival is bigger than ever with performances from local musicians happening all over the city and lasting late into the night. This Saturday is the perfect opportunity to get out and support some local musicians and great venues, plus the weather should be decent for once. If interested you can buys tickets here.

Stoopfest is a reminder that the music scene in Michigan is awesome, and shows the core of what local music is all about. Local Music is where all the greats start out. It’s the beginning, and it’s an innovative and difficult path.

Just like the AC/DC song, “it’s a long way to the top.”

The majority of these musicians are playing because they love music — it’s not about the fame. For some, it’s a side job and others are trying to make a living off it. But the music industry is an unknown and nothing is guaranteed. By supporting local groups, you are a part of the growth of the music industry. As a listener, you have to power to determine what is popular and support your local musicians.

How to be supportive:

There are so many ways to support musicians in the local music scene. The easiest way is to go to shows! Attendance to performances helps musicians since they will get more gigs if they get good turnouts. It’s better business for the venue and the artists. At bars there is often a cover price — pay it — it’s not that expensive and you’re getting a cheap concert.

After the performance, talk to the artist, find out who they are, and thank them. Give them feedback on what you liked, they’ll appreciate it.

The cheapest way to help out the local music scene is to follow artists on social media and talk about them. Just telling other people about music is the easiest and has the biggest influence. For example, Khalid grew in fame because Kylie Jenner shared one of his songs. While most of us aren’t celebrities, sharing and talking about music helps groups gain fame and eventually make money.

Finally, another way to physically support local music is to buy merchandise from them. Most groups have smaller items such as a pin or sticker that aren’t that expensive. They often have apparel and CD’s as well. If you loved what you heard, buy their music through Bandcamp or iTunes instead of streaming it. Generally, music isn’t that expensive and buying it is the most direct way to support upcoming artists.

Where to find local music?

Impact 89FM

Here at the Impact we love and support local music through hosting in-studio sessions.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we teamed with the Broad and presented Rent Strike. For the station’s 29th Birthday party, Impact hosted a concert with local artists, Yay High, Driven Strings, and Dogleg. We also have our “Impact Presents” shows which feature bands like Twin Peaks and Snail Mail.

Follow us on social media for concert updates and tune in for ticket giveaways!

Concert Venues

Michigan is home to some fantastic music venues, with some killer spots right here in Lansing. Following venues on social media or subscribing to email lists is a great way to keep posted about shows. Here’s a list of some good ones to follow where you can catch both local musicians and world-renowned acts.

In conclusion, it is easy and important to support local musicians. The Michigan music scene is wonderful and you can become a part of it by doing some of these things. So keep listening to music, buying merch, and going to shows and try to give some bands you have never heard of a chance. You might just help someone make it big.

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