The Good Side | Troye Sivan


Autumn Miller

If pop music still wasn’t deemed to be cool enough in 2017, then it’s surely starting to be now. Following the release of Troye Sivan’s highly-anticipated single, “My My My!”, which would propel him back into the spotlight, the Australian singer/songwriter appeased fans even more with the release of another track only nine days later. “The Good Side” is a change of pace, slowing down Sivan’s energized, electro-pop sound, while the former was filled with dizzying layers and choppy cuts that emulate Sivan’s style and our current party culture in the best way.

“The Good Side” is an acoustic ballad tinged with aching and longing and filled with glittery synth samples and echoes that accompany the beginning, post-chorus, and end of the track. Detailing a long-gone relationship with a lover that ended somewhat amicably, Sivan knows of his own advantage in the break-up, soberly whispering “But I sympathize, and I recognize/ And baby, I apologize/ That I got the good side/ The good side of things” in the chorus. After traveling around the world for his Blue Neighbourhood and Suburbia tours in 2016 for nearly nine months, the strength in his relationship naturally diminished, leaving him with a sour, yet sweet, taste.

While a future album release date is currently unknown, listeners can likely anticipate a drop come late spring. In the meantime, you can listen to “The Good Side,” and “My My My!” on all streaming platforms now.