All You Wanted By Michelle Branch | Hot Mulligan


Savannah Heygi

Self-proclaimed emo/pop-punk band Hot Mulligan returns to the stage following their 2017 EP, Opportunities, with the release of their newest single “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch” on January 18.

For those who are already fans of the Lansing locals, you’ll be glad to hear that this single stays true to the sound that you’ve grown familiar with. It features the same powerful riffs and resonant percussion that’s been keeping listeners excited and captivated since their last album. The lyrics continue to seemingly betray the upbeat tune. The song is a memorable piece about loss and bittersweet sentiment sure to relate to the emo side in anyone, but it’s wrapped in enthusiastic hooks sure to keep you happily bobbing your head along anyway.

Hot Mulligan will be touring with Knuckle Puck, Boston Manor, Free Throw, and Jetty Bones this spring and has a new album (Pilot) available on March 23 through No Sleep Records. With their ever-improving lyricism and exhilarating pop-punk style, this Lansing quintet is certainly one to keep an eye on.