Fall Into | Hibou


Andrew Younker

Hibou frontman, Peter Michel, has answered claims of his band’s surf rock association with “I’ve never surfed. I’ve never been around people who surf. It’s that summertime association. Anything that sounds sunny gets blended into surf rock.” With the band’s newest single, “Fall Into,” Michel seems to be trying to keep Hibou and surf rock two entirely separate entities. replacing the fast paced galloping with a driving bass line and rich synth stabs. The verses ooze sensuality and charm. Michel’s fragile voice steers the track into 80s pop ballad territory before the chorus brings back the original Hibou sound filled with distorted tropical guitars and pumping percussion hits.

“Fall Into” is one of Hibou’s most experimental songs to date. If you listen closely you might hear each chorus has a different drum pattern without changing tempo, giving the song an uneasy feeling at first before growing into itself on repeat listens. The latter third of the track rips through genres chaotically and confidently, leaving no stone unturned. His blissfully sweet chord patterns ease the breakneck transitions. Peter Michel’s unique command over pop music leveled up in the two years we’ve gone without a new record, hopefully ensuring the new album will be something special.

Hibou’s second album, Something Familiar, comes out March 2 on Barsuk Records