Colors | Beck


Jasmine Hall

We haven’t heard much from Beck since he first teased his latest project and released “Dreams” back in the summer of 2015, but the suspense and waiting are finally over. Beck debuted the entirety of his new album, Colors, on Oct. 13, out via Capitol Records. Beck has been working on the album with Greg Kurstin since 2013, developing its elated sounds until each embellishment was absolute. The upbeat and electro-funk energy that Colors creates captures new sounds by the American artist.

Although some may see this genre mix-up as a loss in identity, Beck’s work still compels and shows another angle to his musical talents. To say the album was overrated, would be an under-appreciation of the feel good tunes he’s created. Each track bounces off the walls with harmonies, hooks, and jubilant vibes that make the listener move their feet.

The album picks up right away with the opening track “Colors.” He chants throughout the bridge, “Do you feel alive?” and the answer is yes. The layering of falsetto voices, the chrome-plated rhythm guitar, and the sync up with retro soundscapes, all create an anthem of fun. With this track’s playful vibrations, Beck has effectively put his own stamp on the indie-pop scene this year.

Check out the full album below.