Bug Thief | Iglooghost


Andrew Younker

Flying Lotus’ eclectic music label, Brainfeeder, has garnered some well-deserved attention lately for its varied yet unified sound, as well as its ear for young producers with remarkable talent. For a predominantly electronic label, Brainfeeder pumps out artists with a knack for crafting organic sounds and natural harmony that sounds very…human. Not to mention the label carries quite a few modern jazz heavyweights that continue to push the genre towards the far corners of sanity and hysterics. Iglooghost is certainly no exception.

The 20-year-old, UK-born producer also illustrates all his own artwork, which he then uses as a reference point to indulge in his crazy IDM fantasy land. On Twitter he stated that a big goal for his new album was to “never straight up copy/paste a bar,” or in other words, repeat a part of any song…ever. “Bug Thief” starts in a forest with birds chirping and a jazz progression that sits calmly above the wildlife sample. Soon enough, chaos reigns and the track is catapulted forward at MACH speeds. The momentum and inertia can be felt through Ghost’s use of tension and release. Every five seconds is a surprise, a gift that demands repeat listens to be parsed through and understood. Chirpy vocal cuts and bright instrumentation lacking any sort of reverb is a trademark characteristic of Iglooghost’s music, as if he’s moving in the opposite direction of every other beat producer in the genre. In his interview with Anthony Fantano two years ago, he made it clear that he wouldn’t make something that he felt wasn’t important or had been done before. Well, if you’re reading this Igloo…the answer is no. No, we haven’t heard anything like this before in our lives.

Neō Wax Bloom comes out September 29th, 2017 via Brainfeeder.