East Coast REMIX | A$AP Ferg


Andrew Younker

While A$AP Rocky remains the principle face of A$AP Mob, New York’s most swanky hip-hop crew, there’s one thing A$AP Ferg remains king of that his other crew members can’t best; remixes. Ferg’s “Work REMIX,” holds up as one of the best cyphers in modern hip-hop. The track showcases Ferg’s versatility working with other artists, good transitions, and ridiculous bars. As far as party tracks goes, “Work” still burns down the house, but we always had a feeling it wouldn’t be his best or his last. As he gets set to release his mixtape, Still Striving, on August 18th, we’ve been gifted with another classic Ferg remix, one that just might top the rest.

“East Coast REMIX” features Busta Rhymes, A$AP Rocky, Dave East, French Montana, Rick Ross, and, ironically, Snoop Dogg. The track busts out of the gates with a reverb drenched “REMIX” from Ferg himself. Busta Rhymes blows through the beat like he was born for it, ridiculous cadences and onomatopoeia galore in a double speed frenzy. He foams at the mouth like a rabid dog on this track, spiked collar and all. Ferg delivers his  verse in a surprisingly subdued manner opting for the laid back but confident shtick rather than stretching out his vocal cords like we’re used to hearing. He ends his verse with a Playboi Carti reference and throws it to Rocky who seems to have traded his blase delivery for Ferg’s braggadocious energy. The second half of his verse calls back to “RAF” with it’s downward cadence and indifferent delivery. Forgettable but infinitely quotable verses from French and Ross lead into the final boss of the track, reminding the audience that A$AP reps all four corners of the Earth before Snoop comes in correct on the track. His ghastly adlibs encapsulate the track’s “we don’t play around” aura and put the finishing touches to another great remix by Ferg and company. You might want to get used to this one. Sooner or later you’ll be ranking the verses with your friends and turning up the volume on this fire remix in no time.