Learn To Let Go | Kesha


Jonathan Shead

It’s certainly been a long time since any of us woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, especially Kesha (formerly Ke$ha), who has spent the last five years of her career pursuing a lawsuit against her former producer Dr. Luke as well as in rehab for a period of time. Although her career hasn’t been smoothly paved the whole way, she’s proven her resiliency is stronger than any of us can imagine with her latest single “Learn To Let Go.” The song serves as the third single from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Rainbow. 

“Learn To Let Go” showcases Kesha in an entirely new light, casting aside her usual high-energy electro-pop aesthetic. Her lyrics are crafted with maturity, her bravado has a refined quality to it that surely comes from her ability to reflect on life introspectively, and her voice shines with the passion of an underdog ready to prove her true self.  Backed by easy-flowing synths and a catchy bass line, the track defines high-quality pop in its purest essence. Not only is the song catchy, but it’s also as inspiring as Kesha’s overall transformation has been. As she opens the bridge with, “I’m done reliving my bad decisions/ I see now maybe there’s a reason/ Why I been through hell and back/ Yeah, honestly, it’s made me who I am/ Holding on to wasted time/ Gotta learn to let go in life,” belting out the last line to showcase her range, she comes to terms with her past and realizes she must push forward.

Kesha’s newfound positivity is something to be inspired by, and it seems like its here to stay. Needless to say, we’re happy to have Kesha back and better than ever.

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